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DNA Analysis

Getting to know your body better? Want to know how your body responds to nutrients? Gain insight into the type of sport you have an aptitude for? A DNA analysis answers all these questions. Order your DNA kit and be guided by our DNA experts.

Analyse. Improve.

A DNA analysis provides insight into your personal health factors, physical performance, how your body responds to nutrients and which nutritional supplements may make sense for you.

Specifically, this means getting a better understanding of your stress sensitivity, predisposition to building muscle mass, talent for strength or endurance sports, iron metabolism, lactose (in)tolerance, the effect of caffeine on your body, etc.

Due to the wealth of info on both general health and athletic parameters, DNA analysis is suitable for anyone who wants to optimize his or her health.

Simple test

A DNA analysis is done based on a saliva sample that you take personally. A few weeks after sending the sample, you will receive results based on your genetic makeup.

Personal advice

For correct interpretation of your results, you can count on our own DNA experts. They will go over the results with you if you wish and give personal advice on what you can do with all that new info.

Up-to-date, life-long

Because nutrigenetics are still constantly evolving, you will receive free updates on your DNA analysis for life. Your raw genetic data file is retained and continuously processed anonymously(!) by the server. This keeps your personal dashboard up to date and eliminates the need to purchase new analysis when new insights emerge.

What to expect

A simple saliva test reveals complex structures. Complex analyses are made transparent in a clear report. DNA experts give non-binding advice on possible nutritional supplements.

A DNA analysis is the icing on the cake of our technical advice

Additional information

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