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We want to inspire everyone and let them discover that running is really fun.

Making people run injury-free…

Giving professional shoe and running/walking advice.

With that ambition, Runners’ lab was founded in 1980, and we still carry that vision to this day. Everything we do is in function of optimal injury prevention and comfort. The right running posture and shoes make running a source of positive energy, and we want to convey that to the general public. Young and old, recreational and professional athletes. We want youto be inspired and to discover that walking is really fun.

Personalized advice and analysis…

thanks to our experienced consultants.

No feet are the same, which is why at Runners’ lab we invariably believe in the power of personal contact. Professional advice leads to improved running performance and enjoyment during exercise. Our core values? Analysis, advice and customization!

From recreant to pro athlete….

and for young and old alike.

Runners’ lab makes running accessible to everyone. Therefore, we do not focus on one type of runner. It is important to us that every athlete stays injury-free, whether you are an avid or sporadic runner are.

We want to motivate everyone to keep moving …

by setting goals (events), well-dosed training (schedules), a source of inspiring examples ánd the right products. Through the partnership with Keep on Running we complete that circle.

Keep on Running events

Comprehensive gait analysis

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