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About us

Runners’ lab aims to improve your sports performances while avoiding sports injuries. They do this with professional advice for both recreational runners and professional athletes.

Our ambition

Runners’ lab was founded in 1980 with the ambition to help people run, injury-free.


We take a running or walking analysis on a 30-meter test track with integrated 2-meter Footscan® technology.


Based on the results, we provide feedback and recommend shoes and/or insoles that allow you to continue running, injury-free.

Custom work

Our advisors provide personal advice and can also guide you personally.

We choose

The best running and walking shoes in the market

Through years of partnerships with running brands and a mutual trust, Runners’ lab is able to select and offer the best running and walking shoes in the market. Based on extensive technical knowledge of materials and biomechanical insights, the best models are selected.

We test

In our Prolab and with our experts

The theory of good shoes is easy to describe, but difficult to accomplish. Therefore, we test. Does the product meet expectations? We test it in our Prolab and with our experts. Does it not satisfy? Then it will not be in our range.

We learn

The latest developments in the running market

With on-the-job coaching, product training and traning days, we keep each other abreast of the latest developments in the running market, materials and products.

We use

Personal experience & love for the sport. #teamrunnerslab

Nothing beats one’s own experience. At Runners’ lab, we run. Before, during and after hours. #teamrunnerslab is connected by the love of sport. Through the many running miles, the shoes, clothing and accessories are extensively tested.

Inspire clients, improve sports performance and avoid injuries.

We advise, you run

Inspire clients, improve sports performance and avoid injuries. That is what Runners’ lab has continuously strived to do for more than 40 years.

Every foot is different, which requires a personal approach. Our Runners’ lab team is composed of professional consultants, technicians, orthopedists, podiatrists and physiotherapists, always offering you a customized service. We make a personalized running analysis accessible to everyone – from recreational runner to pro athlete.

Our customers are our ambassadors

Sporters and athletes from around the world know the expertise of Runners’ lab as it goes far beyond footscan® technology.

Paula Radcliffe, former world record holder in the marathon, has been a regular customer at Runners’ lab for many years. And Greg Lemond invariably believed he had won the Tour de France thanks to perfectly tailored insoles from us. But there are many more…

Professional advisors

In each store, professional advisors give you personalized advice.


In the Prolab, we conduct scientific motion analysis to improve your running posture.

Our workshop

In our workshop, we provide your shoes with custom-made adjustments.

Walk in!

Meanwhile, there are seven Runners’ lab stores, well spread throughout Flanders so you are guaranteed to find a store near you. One by one, they are equipped with our legendary Footscan® that changed the running world forever. Curious? Come discover it yourself!

+40 years
of experience

Injury-free running for everyone

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