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Your feet are literally the foundation for proper posture. Every day they are subjected to an enormous amount of pressure and strain, especially while running or walking.

Prevent rather than cure.

Do you have a prescription from a doctor or specialist? Then we will make quality orthotics for you.

You can also come to us without a prescription. If you’re not sure if you need orthotics, we’ll check with you. Custom orthotics can provide a solution to a variety of complaints. However, there is no list of complaints that specifically indicate a need for orthotics. Whether or not you will benefit from this additional foot support must be considered individually.

Did you know that orthotics

Reduce pressure on the ankle, knee and hip joints. Improve your posture and gait. Cope with a leg length difference and avoid tibial flare-ups. Preventive support for heavy loads?

Orthotics are not a luxury but provide essential support for some.

Our method and offerings

Pure craftsmanship

At Runners’ lab, we only go for the very best to keep you injury-free. We have all the expertise and technologies to provide you with quality custom orthotics. An orthopedic technician manufactures the dynamically measured orthotics and knows exactly what material is needed, adapted to your situation.

Custom orthotics

Our experts first determine your unique foot profile using scientific and advanced footscan® technology. With us, orthotics are measured dynamically instead of statically. After all, a body is not made to be fixed, but rather to move.

2 types of orthotics

Based on your unique foot profile, body weight, complaints, needs and purpose (sports, work or daily use), you can choose between two types of orthotics.

  • D3D (EVA orthotics)
  • Phits (3D printed)

Did you know… our sister company RSSCAN (developer of footscan®) teamed up with Materialise (expert in 3D printing) to develop the Phits insoles?


The price of your orthotics depends on the type of orthotic:

  • D3D (EVA orthotic): €129.
  • Phits (3D printed): €169.

Manufacture and service after purchase

After we accurately measure your foot profile, we get to work on your custom orthotics. For both the D3D orthotics and Phits 3D orthotics, we count about 2 to 3 weeks to finish them.

New orthotics are best walked in gradually so your feet can get used to the new support. After a 2 to 4 week run-in period, do the soles still not feel 100% right? No problem! Our podiatrists are still on hand to further adjust orthotics as needed. Make another appointment and we’ll review the problem.

Make your appointment online

To accurately measure and custom-make your orthotics, a 1-on-1 consultation is key. Therefore, our experts always work by appointment (+/- 30min).

Do you already have orthotics? If so, be sure to bring those along with your current shoes in which you will wear the orthotics.
Do you still need new shoes? If so, it is best to wait to purchase these until your orthotics are ready.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a prescription to have orthotics made at Runners' lab?

Children need a prescription from a doctor or specialist, for adults this is not a requirement. Some health insurance companies do require a prescription to use their reimbursement system. However, the reimbursement system with mutual health insurances is very diverse and can even differ from region to region. Whether you can count on a reimbursement from your health insurance fund can normally be found on their website.

Can I only have orthotics measured at Runners' lab that are intended for running?

No. We make orthotics for everyday use as well as for sports. Nor are we limited only to runners or walkers. At Runners’ lab, we can make orthotics for almost any sport in which shoes are worn. Cyclists, basketball players, soccer players and even skiers are welcome to join us.

How much does orthotics cost to make and measure?

The price of orthotics depends on the type of orthotic you have made. The D3D orthotics cost 129 euros. The cost of Phits orthotics is 169 euros.

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