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Sports bras

We make it our mission to explain to ladies (and men) why a good sports bra is actually even more important than a good running shoe.

A good sports bra prevents injuries and has a positive impact on your performance.

Running is a “high impact” sport….

This means that the impact of a running motion on your body is very high. With good support, you will move more freely and thus improve your running posture.

Better running performance and fewer injuries are a direct result. Less tangible but equally important; you avoid irreparable damage that you won’t experience until later.

Wide choice

You can choose from a wide range of quality sports bras. That way, you are sure to find a model that fits your body perfectly. This allows you to complete your workouts confidently and comfortably.

Personal advice

To measure is to know. That’s what we believe when we recommend shoes, and it’s no different for sports bras. You can make an appointment at one of the Runners’ lab stores for personalized advice.

The reference

Our counselors receive regular training on how to properly recommend a sports bra. As a result, we are an industry leader and often serve as a reference on this topic.

A good sports bra is more important than the right shoe


Experts by experience speak out

Women who are convinced of the importance of a good sports bra? Yes! But above all, read what they themselves have to say about it.


Make an appointment

Buying the wrong sports bra is quick. Everyone is different and even your body can change by exercising intensely or just a lot less. That’s why we always recommend trying on your sports bra in the store.

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