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Improve your running posture and running technique and prevent injuries thanks to our detailed scientific motion analysis.

The Prolab is open to everyone, from recreationalist to elite athlete.

Analyse. Improve.

To go one step further than just feet and shoes, the Prolab has more measurement capabilities. Here, in fact, your entire body in motion is measured. The lab is equipped with the latest and high-tech measuring equipment for accurate analysis of your running posture and movement. These analyses are useful in function of injury prevention, but also to improve your running posture and thus performance.

Accurate, detailed & scientific.

The Prolab is open to everyone, from recreationalist to elite athlete.

Complete 360° body analysis

Our experts have the right techniques and expertise to perform a complete 360° body analysis, mapping your running motion from head to toe. We measure barefoot or shod at different running speeds. From that, an online report is immediately created, analyzing more than 20 parameters.

Detailed report

Based on a comprehensive report, we discuss the main points of interest. We will provide you with this report afterwards so that you can review it with your physio, coach or trainer or consult it later.

Improved running posture

Based on the report, we give you thorough personal advice for improved running posture. This way you will move your body correctly from now on, run more efficiently and reduce the risk of injury.

Professional analysis accessible to all

45-meter running strip to perform your (sports) movement in a natural way. 5-meter Footscan® pressure measuring plates combined with a force measuring platform. Complex analyses made insightful in a clear report.

What are the options?

To identify your gait pattern, we work from two perspectives: your foot stability and your running posture. On this basis, we offer different packages, which can be supplemented by optional services and analyses.

Foot and gait analysis focuses on shoes and custom insoles. Your foot stability and gait pattern are mapped in detail here so we can offer you the right shoe and any orthotics. In addition, we also visualize your running posture with a visual running analysis (using high speed cameras).

In running posture analysis, the focus is less on your feet, but we go even deeper into running motion. With 35 reflective markers, more than 20 parameters of your running posture are objectively analyzed. Then you will receive comprehensive advice so you can improve your running posture.

Take a detailed look at your foot stability and gait pattern or opt for an in-depth analysis of your entire gait.

Our packages

Gait analysis

Includes 2 hours of professional advice
  • Footscan analysis foot roll-off and stability
  • Video analysis (visual) running motion
  • Shoe advice
  • Back scan
  • Scan leg length


Running posture

2h one-on-one professional advice
  • Video analysis (visual) running motion
  • Gait analysis with markers
  • Back scan
  • Scan leg length


Combo deal

3.5 hours of one-on-one professional advice
  • Footscan analysis foot roll-off and stability
  • Video analysis (visual) running motion
  • Running analysis with markers
  • Shoe advice
  • Back scan
  • Scan leg length
  • Body composition scan


The different technologies explained

DEXA scanner

For body composition & leg length

Qualisys marker analysis

Detailed analysis of your running posture

Quintic video analysis

Visually mapping your running motion

DIERS back scan

Radiation-free 4D back scan

Additional information

Prolab analyses are only available in our store in Zwijndrecht. It is best to bring a running outfit (shorts or tight), your current running shoes and any orthotics. The purchase of shoes or orthotics is not included in the price.
Do you have additional questions about the techniques and analyses? Contact us at or on+32 (0)3 775 22 13.

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