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Shoe workshop

We owe the current success of Runners’ lab in large part to our specialized workshop. Our experts are true craftsmen in customizing and personalizing shoes.

In our workshop, we go far to make you feel comfortable on your feet.

Improve comfort.
Orthopedic deficiency-

Adjustments to shoes serve both to improve comfort and to address orthopedic deficiencies.
For example, clients with a leg length discrepancy are helped by raising the shoe. Our technicians can also transform a cushioned, stable running shoe into a valuable spike. In our workshop, we go far to make you feel comfortable on your feet.

Our technicians are experts in their craft. They have mastered just about every possible adjustment to shoes.

The possible shoe modifications are endless

Converting (competition) shoes to spikes
Vulcanization of throwing spikes
Transforming soccer shoes
Stitching of soccer shoes
Adding velcro closures
(Partial) removal of heel cap
Installation of leather tips
Installation of leather contrefort
Replacing wear heels
Installation of unwinding bar in shoes
Increases in shoes

Make your shoes last longer.

Wondering if the above adjustments or repairs are possible on your shoes? Then pass by in the store with your shoes and discuss your options with our advisors.

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