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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

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Gait analysis

Should I provide special clothing for a gait analysis?
Can I have a running analysis even as a non-runner?
How much does a gait analysis cost?
How long does a gait analysis take?
Can I come by for a running analysis with (running) shoes purchased elsewhere?
What is the difference between a gait analysis and a prolab analysis?

Running shoes

How should I maintain my running shoes?
How long do running shoes last?
How can I tell if my running shoes need replacement?
Why can't I choose the color of my running shoes?
Can I come back with my running shoes if it doesn't go well?

custom insoles

Do I need to make an appointment for orthotics measurements?
How long do orthotics last?
Do Runners' lab orthotics fit all shoes?
Do you also make orthotics for children?
How long does it take to make orthotics?
How much do your orthotics cost?

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