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Events and coaching

Do you need a clear goal to keep you motivated?
You’re not alone! You can now work toward a variety of Keep on Running events.
Use our free training schedules or personal coaching.

What is your next running- or walking challenge?


Have you chosen your next goal? Then get started! Free training schedules or a customized training plan ensure that you work towards your goal in a responsible way. Do you prefer personal coaching? You can! A personal coach can help you stay motivated and perform better.

Start with a lactate test to know exactly where you stand and you can build up from there.

80% off all runners goes to fast when it needs to be slow and vice versa

– Tim de Vilder, headcoach Keep on Running

Coaching formulas

Physical test

If you want to progress athletically, it’s good to know where you are now. With a lactate test you will find out what your current form is and what athletic goals are achievable.

Book here your physical test.

Personal trainingplan

If you want to make sure your efforts result in progress, it’s important to train in the right heart rate zones. A personal training schedule takes into account your current level of form and works toward your specific goals.

Buy your training schedule here .

Personal coaching

With personal coaching, you take it to the next level. On top of a schedule that suits your goals, physical abilities and agenda, you also get a coach who guides you personally. You start with a kick-off interview and receive a training schedule for at least twelve weeks.

Click here for personal coaching.