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At Runners’ lab, we want to do more than just offering the right products. To make sure you can sport injury-free, you can call on our expertise on multiple topics important to good health.

Prolab test center

In addition to the foot scan, would you like advice on your running posture? Thanks to the professional and comprehensive analysis in the prolab test center, you are guaranteed to step out with the right shoe and the right advice. This way you experience the best possible experience while running.


Your feet are literally the foundation for proper posture. Every day they are subjected to an enormous amount of pressure and strain, especially while running or walking. With our technology and expertise, we provide correct insoles.

Shoe workshop

The success of Runners’ lab is due in large part to our specialized workshop. Our experts are true craftsmen in customizing and personalizing shoes.

EXO-L ankle brace

An EXO-L ankle brace offers optimal protection against ankle sprains and is custom-made based on a 3D scan of your ankle.

Sports bras

A good sports bra is as important as the right shoes. Runners’ lab is therefore very strongly committed to raising awareness about its importance. We advise and guide ladies in their search for the best sports bra.

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