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We advise, you walk

A brisk hike through nature, a city walk or a walk around the block with the dog. Walking is an enormously versatile, relaxing but, above all, healthy sport. At least, with the right shoe.

Runners’ lab embraces walking
But with the right shoe.

Wrong shoes can cause a lot of discomfort. Sore feet, blisters or even pain in the back, ankles or knees pop up regularly. Good, comfortable walking shoes are not a luxury. On the contrary…
To keep you injury-free, Runners’ lab is betting heavily on active walking shoes. In other words, walking shoes that are derived from trail or running shoes and thus with extra comfort, stability and cushioning.
They are also a lot lighter than the typical, heavy hiking shoes and look a lot fresher. Not to mention the water-repellent character and higher fit, which offer protection from wetness and natural obstacles.

What can you expect at Runners’ lab?

Personalized shoe advice based on your unique foot profile

Service and experience

Our consultants enjoy bringing their experience and passion for sports and movement to clients. Thanks to the professional and comprehensive service, you are guaranteed to step out with the right shoe and the right advice. This way, you will experience the best possible experience during your walk.

Injury prevention

Did you know that injuries are often caused by the wrong shoe? The right shoe type depends on many factors, such as the surface, your physique, distance, foot type, injury history… Each technical active walking shoe is therefore constructed differently, according to specific needs. With our experience and passion, we select the best technical products on the market.

Your feet choose the shoe

How can we ensure that the choice of your new pair of shoes does not depend on your favorite color? Very simple. By not displaying them in our stores. Our consultants will work with you and technological equipment to find the optimal type of shoe depending on your unique foot profile.

Our mission is to provide clients with injury-free exercise


Do you think walking is boring? No way!

Walking has long since ceased to be associated with boring or old-fashioned. Everyone is doing it!


What is the process of visiting Runners’ lab?

Each Runners’ lab store is equipped with a 30m long test track with a 2m footscan® plate in the middle on which the walking analysis is performed. Based on the results, our consultants provide feedback and recommend shoes and/or orthotics that will allow you to continue walking injury-free.

What does this comprehensive service cost?

A footscan® analysis, comprehensive personal consultation and insole adjustments are completely free of charge with the purchase of a pair of shoes. Want some time to think about it before purchasing the shoe? Then we charge a deposit of €30. You will receive this back in the form of a voucher when you purchase the shoes at a later date.

Walking advice & services

In addition to recommending the right shoes, you can also come to us for orthotics. In the workshop, we can extend the life of your active walking shoes.

Walking range

Runners’ lab stands out from other specialty stores because of its expanded assortment. Feel free to take a look at the webshop.

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