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EXO-L ankle brace

An EXO-L ankle brace offers optimal protection against spraining your ankles and, based on a 3D scan of your ankles, is custom-made.

The best protection
against spraining the ankle

Do you suffer from weak or unstable ankles? An EXO-L ankle brace provides the best protection against spraining the ankle (inversion trauma). Based on a 3D scan of your ankles, a brace is custom-made. Then we will fit your shoes accordingly in our workshop. This entire procedure takes several weeks and can be done by appointment only.

Manufacturing process EXO-L

The production time of the 3D printed ankle brace is 4 weeks. Once the brace is ready, you can come pick it up at one of our Runners’ lab stores. You can also choose to have it delivered by post.

Important to know: The special EXO-L attachment can only be attached to low shoes, not to high models.

The shoe(s) you plan to use the EXO-L ankle brace with must also be adjusted. So be sure to bring these shoes to your appointment.

Cost of EXO-L custom ankle brace

The measurement and production of one custom-made ankle brace (left or right) costs €169. If you would like a complete set for both ankles (left and right), the cost is €279. The special attachment on the shoes and the 3D scan are included in the price.

It is also possible to place the special EXO-L attachment on several shoes (€15 per shoe). This adjustment takes several workdays. If necessary, this can also be done immediately, but only in Zwijndrecht and by telephone appointment +32 (0)3 775 22 13.
Cost of immediate fitting €25 per shoe.

Make your appointment online

Make an appointment online for a 3D scan of your ankles and measurement of the EXO-L ankle brace.

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