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We already told you that your breasts also travel a distance when you run and therefore it is better to wear a good sports bra. But beyond numbers and facts, we also enlisted some experience experts to convince you of that. Women.

Different women. Because bodies and breasts are different. So does the sports bra and the support you need. So in early March we launched an appeal. Runners’ lab is looking for women of all shapes and colors. One hundred responses later, eight ladies were fitted with their ideal sports bra by our advisors. Are they (even more) convinced of the importance of a good sports bra? Yes! But read what they have to say about it.

Recommended, tested and approved

It must have been about 10 years ago that Marge began jogging more regularly. Like so many runners, she gave all her attention to her feet. She went in search of the right running shoe, sports socks, … Sounds logic, right? Or was she forgetting something? Yes, because she realized that her breasts also needed proper support while running. She wants to ring the bell to other women, too. And that was immediately why she responded to our call. Although Marge never had much trouble finding a good sports bra, she found much needed confirmation from our advisors.

“I always looked for my sports bras based on my regular bra size. I am lucky that the size matches, but really enjoyed seeing that confirmed by the professional advisors at Runners’ lab.”

A good sports bra not only gives Marge the support she needs, it also has an impact on how she feels, it turns out.

“I am super satisfied with the support my breasts receive. During my 10 km laps, but also during a HIIT workout with lots of jumps. I also feel sexy when I run. Even with a T-shirt on.”

Vanessa has a larger cup size. As a result, she often bumps into very limited offerings in standard sporting stores. Then again, in lingerie stores, she lacks specific experience with sports bras.

“With a bigger cup, you can’t go to typical sports stores. In lingerie stores they often don’t know what to look for and what you really need as a sporter. Runners’ lab has the experience, the right sizes ánd nice models.”

Her biggest motivation for taking a seat in front of our camera? To show women with larger busts that they do have options. Sports bras that provide the right support for a larger bosom in a cool model and ditto color, they exist. And they also fit like a glove says Vanessa.

“My sports bra fits like a glove. It gives no pressure sensation and feels very light. Even after washing it falls back into the right fold. It fits super!”

Sylvie , in turn, struggled with a very different challenge. After a double mastectomy and partially failed reconstruction, she was reluctant to have to repeat that story over and over again. Asking sports bra advice, she did not for that reason. She did research herself. Ah, this one will be fine, she thought as she tried on many sports bras. The result? A closet full of unused ones. One too tight. The other did not stay in place. Sylvie gathered all her courage and volunteered for our shoot. A good fitting sports bra, finally!

“For the first time since my amputations, I have a sports bra that fits well. Despite my small cup, I often had pain in the intercostal muscles just below my armpits. With the firmness of my new sports bra, that’s a thing of the past.”

But that sports bra wasn’t the only thing Sylvie was all about. She wanted to learn to embrace her body again after a long process of mastectomies and reconstructions. Exposing herself, figurally. In front of our lens. And so she did – in our humble opinion – with verve. What a woman.

“Playing sports after a mastectomy? It’s possible, as long as you get proper support. And that’s what I wanted to show the world.”

Ellen has been back playing sports for over a year. Something the younger Ellen was not always eager for. And her breasts were one of the reasons.

“I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with my breasts. LO in high school was a disaster. I already had a C or D cup, but no one had ever told me you could put on sports bras.”

Now, thankfully, that is different. A good sports bra is as important as the right running shoes, she is convinced. Without the two, there is no running. Because she likes to stay injury-free everywhere. Although by now she has a good idea of the type of sports bra that fits her best, the tips from our advisors still came in handy.

“I didn’t know there is a difference between your regular bra size and that of your sports bra. I’d also never thought about fitting my sports bra in the widest position. That way you can still go narrower if you need to.”

Ellen was fitted with a sports bra, too. And she has since tested those out as well.

“Because my sports bra is so comfortable, I was afraid it wouldn’t give enough support while running. But it supports super well! My breasts are not flattened and they keep their natural shape. It’s a boost to my self-confidence.”

Laurafinished her first ultra run in 2020. 78 km to be exact. For such challenge, there is no debate: that sports bra must fit properly. So she had long been convinced of the importance of a sports bra that provides the right support. That the same sports bra also needed replacement after 200 washes was new to her, though. It wasn’t the only thing she picked up from the measuring and fitting session that preceded the shoot.

“That your breasts also travel 6 km during a marathon was new info for me. Quite a tough distance, when you know that a breast is not a muscle and any tissue that stretches loose does not grow back. Taking good care of it is imperative.”

Even with a first child on the way, Laura continues to take care of her body. And her breasts. Something we only encourage very hard.

“Every body is worth a good sports bra, no matter what it looks like. I’m pregnant at the moment. And with that comes a body – AND breasts – that doesn’t quite feel like myself. What does always make me feel like myself is working out. But at week 10 wof my pregnancy, my sports bras no longer fit. So I rushed to Runners’ lab, because I think good, close support for my breasts is super important. I hope to keep them close to me for a long time to come.”

Finding the right sports bra, how do you start? Louise never quite knew how to go about that search.

“I didn’t know my size. I also had no idea which model would be best for me. So I bought most of my current sports bras in a regular clothing store. Or I got them from a friend for whom they were too small. With some I had problems with the seams chafing against my chest.”

Support? Yes. Sanding? No, that’s not what a good sports bra is supposed to do. Ok, being on camera with a group of ladies she didn’t know was not something she often did. But stepping out of that comfort zone, she could see that. And so Louise enthusiastically responded to our call. What she picked up during her surveying session?

“All the bras presented sat pretty well. The most important thing I learned? I finally know my right sports bra size.”

Whether her new sports bra fits better than her old one? It’s almost a rhetorical question, but we asked it anyway.

“I tested out my new sports bra right away! It fit really well. The biggest difference? It feels much firmer without being oppressive.”

Sandra had also experienced the effect of a good sports bra firsthand. When she gained a few pounds due to her medication, she decided to start walking. Walking became running. And her regular bra became a sports bra.

“I used to exercise with a regular bra, but when I gained some pounds due to medication, that was no longer an option. So I bought myself a sports bra. What a difference!”

She swears by a good sports bra, no matter how much she weighs. Even now she has lost another 11 pounds and her breasts are a little smaller again. So that new sports bra came in handy. And our advisors were happy to advise her the bra. Whether she is happy about it? We have an inkling that she is.

“I was in need of a new sports bra. I drove from Ghent to Antwerp especially for it! And it was definitely worth it!!! Thanks for the beautiful pictures, and the fun experience! Nothing but smiling faces!”

Lizi runs smoothly several times a week. With the right running shoes, because they are super important. She had known that for some time. But that your sports bra also plays an important role in this as well, she never thought about that before. After her personal measuring session with our advisors, she went home with a well-fitting sports bra and a lot of extra knowledge about its positive effect on your body and your sports performance.

“This was very educational for me. I had never considered before how important a sports bra is when exercising.”

A few weeks later, we asked her this question, “So Lizi, what do you think? Have you been able to test out your sports bra yet? What was your first experience?’

This was her answer. “My sports bra is very comfortable and provides the necessary support. I will wear this one every time I run from now on.”

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Coming up in part 1

In this second part, we had our experts by experience speak. Why a good sports bra is so important and what to pay attention to when trying it on were covered in the first part. Still have questions? Then scroll down to our FAQs at the bottom of part one. Didn’t find the answer? Stop by one of our five stores or submit them to one of our advisors via WhatsApp Live Chat (+32 479 05 65 99).