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Loved for its running and trail shoes, well on its way to also being loved for its active walking shoes. HOKA stocks a range of active walking shoes to keep you walking in comfort. Read on quickly to learn more


‘Also Has Keigoede (dutch for ‘Good’) Active walking shoes’.

Summary ‘HOKA’.

It seems predestined.

Benefits of HOKA active walking shoes

Maximum cushioning, comfort, smooth rolling and its ultra-light construction are features that HOKA is only too happy to flaunt on in its running and trail shoes. But so much so in his active walking shoes. This sets this category apart from classic hiking boots. In fact, classic hiking boots are perceived as heavier, stiffer and less cushioning.

Several customers were able to experience the differences between these two categories firsthand during the Runners’ lab Social Walk. Indeed, during this hiking event, HOKA was on hand with a wide range of test models of their best active walking shoes. Those who wanted could use it and thus walk the trail in comfort.

From A(nacapa) to S(peedgoat) tested

The HOKA Anacapa Mid GTX, Speedgoat 5, Challenger ATR 6 and Clifton 8 were all subjected to a round of inspections.

The Anacapa Mid GTX was the only higher and water-repellent model in the selection. Despite its sturdier appearance, it was received as a light hiking shoe. While there was some division over the Anacapa – not everyone was as enthusiastic about the higher fit – opinions on the Speedgoat 5 were unanimous. This model emerged as the favorite from the round of testing. Its good cushioning, softness, grip and firmness stood out. “I just walked on clouds” and “we flew with these shoes,” echoed afterwards.

The HOKA Challenger ATR 6 scored thanks to its comfort as well as appearance. “I didn’t know they had such nice, good hiking boots at HOKA,” went over the tongues several times. For many, this model was a pleasant introduction. Last but not least, the Clifton 8 was also reviewed. This model somewhat missed its effect on the nature run, although no one dared to contradict the comfort of this shoe. Unleash this active walking shoe on paved trails and it comes into its own at its best.

Shop your active walking shoes at Runners’ lab

The large turnout was significant. Active walking is more popular than ever. We do it and you obviously do too. Hopefully from now on with proper active walking shoes as well. Explore our extensive selection on the webshop or stop by one of the Runners’ lab stores to find the right active walking shoe for you. Do not hesitate to contact our WhatsApp team for more info (+32 479 05 65 99).


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