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Need new shoes, orthotics or other advice? Since May 2020, we prefer to work by appointment for advice. Schedule an appointment online with our advisors at a time that is most convenient for you, and they will be happy to help you.

One-on-one advice

As a running store, we strive to provide every customer with the best possible experience. By working almost exclusively by appointment, we avoid the formerly typical long wait times in our stores. In addition, with an appointment, you are also assured that you will have the undivided attention of your Runners’ lab advisor. Would you like to come in for orthotics? Then it’s best to make an appointment. Measuring orthotics requires specific knowledge which is why only our podiatrists do this. They are not present in every branch every day.
What can you make an appointment for at Runners’ lab?

New shoes with footscan® gait analysis

  • Purchasing | Want new running or hiking shoes?
  • Aftermarket | Would you like to have your current shoes inspected?
  • Shoe fitting | Want to have the insole of your shoes adjusted?

Orthotics or Exo-L

  • Orthotics | Want to get orthotics measured?
  • Exo-L | Would you like to have Exo-L measured?

Sports bra advice

  • Sports Bra | Do you need a new sports bra and would like to be personally measured and guided in the process?

Clothing, accessories and food

  • Clothing and accessories | Do you need advice on purchasing clothing, food or accessories?

Back scan/DEXA scan

  • Scan | Would you like to come in for a DEXA scan or back scan?

For all of these, we would strongly recommend an appointment. This allows the advisors to take enough time to give you the best possible guidance.

When can I stop by Runners’ lab without an appointment?

Clothing, accessories, food, collections….

  • Webshop | Would you like to exchange or pick up a webshop order?
  • Pick up | Are you coming to pick up a repair or orthotics?
  • Drop off | Are you coming to drop off shoes for an adjustment or repair?
  • Try on without advice | Would you like to come and try on clothes and/or accessories without needing advice?

Then you don’t need an appointment. Feel free to pop in when it’s convenient for you.

How does your appointment at Runners’ lab go?

An appointment lasts 30 minutes. As you have come to expect from us, your personal advisor will take extensive time to answer all your questions and guide you. Per appointment, our consultants are only with one person at a time, this is to maintain a safe and appropriate distance as best as possible.

Footscan® analysis
When fitting shoes or measuring orthotics, we always analyze your unique walking or running pattern on the 30-meter walking track equipped with footscan® technology. Then we will test some shoes together to figure out which one best suits your running or walking pattern. The Footscan® analysis is worth 25 euros and absolutely free with the purchase of a pair of shoes or orthotics.
Multi-person appointment
Would you like to visit with several people from your family? Then book an appointment for each person individually. Each visitor is assigned their own advisor.

Prepare for your visit to Runners’ lab

  • Be on time for your appointment, please 5 minutes in advance. So be sure to check the current travel time via Wazeor Google Maps before departure due to possible traffic disruptions or road works.
  • Our advisors will come and welcome you as soon as possible.
  • Bring your old/current running or walking shoes and possibly orthotics if you wear them.

All products are also available in our webshop. Have you recently had a footscan® analysis performed and already know which shoe is best for you? Then simply order online.

Moreover, our advisors can be reached from Monday to Saturday between 09:30 and 18:00 via WhatsApp at +32 479 05 65 99.

We look forward to welcoming you to one of our stores!