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EXO-L ankle brace offers optimal protection and, based on a 3D scan of your ankles, is custom-made.

The EXO-L ankle brace provides the best protection against twisting (inversion trauma) of the ankle. EXO-L is custom-made using a 3D scan of your ankle. The EXO-L ankle brace prevents the ankle from spraining. This operation is based on the anatomy of the body.

“With normal movements, the muscles and tendons are not unnecessarily relieved and therefore do not become unnecessarily weak. This is the case with a regular brace. The EXO-L ankle brace only intervenes when your ankle threatens to sprain. Because the brace is custom-made, you retain maximum freedom of movement while being optimally protected.” – Philippe Vermaelen, Runners’ lab R&D Prolab

Ankle sprain prevention

Measuring is done with a 3D scan of your ankle(s). The EXO-L ankle brace is custom 3D printed from this. The EXO-L attaches to your ankle as well as the outside of your shoe. The brace is designed so that you do not experience annoying pressure points in your shoe. This way, the normal fit of your shoe can be maintained. Your shoe will need to be adjusted in our workshop for this. This special EXO-L attachment can be placed on almost all low shoes.

Who is the EXO-L ankle brace suitable for?

  • For people sensitive to ankle tipping. After a serious ankle injury, the chances of twisting your ankle again are higher than before.
  • In high-risk sports such as field hockey, handball, basketball, tennis, running, trail running, soccer, volleyball, etc.
  • Working conditions on rough and uneven terrain, such as in the construction industry.
Make an appointment
For measuring your custom-made EXO-L ankle brace, we always work by appointment. Click here to make an appointment at the nearest Runners’ lab store in Ghent, Zwijndrecht, Zaventem, Paal-Beringen, Deurne or Rumst. Scanning your ankle(s) takes about 30 minutes.

Manufacturing process EXO-L

The production time of the 3D printed ankle brace is 4 weeks. Once the brace is ready you can come pick it up at one of our stores. You can also choose to have it delivered at home.
Important to know: The special EXO-L attachment can only be attached to low shoes, not to high models. This is because the shoe(s) you want to use the EXO-L ankle brace with must also be adjusted. So make sure to take these with you during your appointment.

Cost of EXO-L custom ankle brace

The measurement and production of one custom-made ankle brace (left or right) costs EUR 169. If you would like a complete set for both ankles (left and right), the cost is 279 EUR. The special attachment on the shoes and the 3D scan are included in the price. It is also possible to place the special EXO-L attachment on several shoes (15 EUR per shoe). This adjustment takes several working days. If necessary, this can also be done immediately, but only in Zwijndrecht and by telephone appointment +32 (0)3 775 22 13.
Cost of immediate fitting 25 EUR per shoe. Curious about the application of EXO-L by other sporters?
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