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Maurten’s range is expanding once again. DRINK MIX 320 CAF 100 hydrates, replenishes your energy reserves and keeps you sharp with the addition of caffeine.


Maurten’s developers always maintain their well-known “athlete-first” focus: scientific, powerful, clean and natural. This DRINK MIX 320 CAF 100, the newest product in Maurten’s range, also meets these four key words. Mix the contents of one sachet with 500 ml of water and you immediately have 80 g of carbohydrates and 100 mg of caffeine at your disposal. The body can normally consume a maximum of 90 g of carbohydrates per hour, so with this sports drink you will stay safely under this limit. The presence of 100 mg of caffeine in a standard cup of coffee will improve alertness and focus. It can also provide an energy boost so you can go just that percent deeper. Like the other products, this sports drink features the well-known hydrogel technology.

The Fuel Guide

Together with coaches, athletes and nutritionists, Maurten created the Fuel Guide. In it, you can find a sprouted plan for different types of training sessions and competitions so you know when and with which product to replenish your energy reserves.

It is important to be conscious of your fueling strategy not only during competitions, but also during training sessions. A balanced carbohydrate strategy as part of your training program contributes to optimal training intensity and prevents premature fatigue. To get you started, Maurten has compiled all the knowledge and expertise in a handy overview. That way you know exactly which Drink Mix or Gel you need for your workout or race.

The Fuel Guide was developed specifically as a reference for athletes of all levels. The ultimate tool to provide your body with the most optimal fuel.

Only the best for the best.

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