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Luxurious cushioning, ultra-soft, outstanding comfort. Three qualities that resonate with the majority of runners. Three qualities the Brooks Glycerin is known for. Version 20 adds a touch of innovation to the collection. We tested it.

Most innovative cushioning technology

For the first Brooks Glycerin, we have to go back to the 1990s. The first version is no longer compatible with this latest, 20th version. Although there was one common thread in this model: the Brooks Glycerin could always count on the brand’s most innovative cushioning technology. In the case of the Brooks Glycerin 20? The nitrogen-infused DNA loft v3. Voilà, there you have the explanation for its remarkable softness and unparalleled comfort.

Still striking? The improved fit of this latest version. The new ultralight upper does more than just reduce the weight of the shoe. It provides a precise fit by holding the foot perfectly in place. This seems obvious; it is not. By the way, the midsole and outsole were redesigned to be slightly wider than its predecessors.

Passed test with flying colors

We already said it. The shoe was tested by us. Or rather, the shoe was tested by an enthusiastic gang of runners during our Brooks City Run. A quick but thorough round of questions taught us the following. “Very light on the foot”, “Feels very soft and supple”, “Pleasant shoe for endurance running”, “Very solid feel, even on cobblestones and the like”, “Shoe with very good cushioning and fit”, “Better running feel than with the Glycerin 19”. And we could go on like this for a while.

If one downside did surface among our test panel, it was pointed to the stability of the shoe. Although opinions varied widely on that. Is that a problem? Not if you also have the Brooks Glycerin 20 GTS on offer. Same shoe, but with guide rails as a bonus. In human language? Better support and stability. If stability was already a problem for some, it is solved with this one.

Available at Runners’ lab

The Brooks Glycerin 20 was able to present a fine report after our event. We were already fans, but with this one we can now conclude with certainty that it is also to your liking. This comfortable running shoe may be the shoe you’ve been looking for. To find out, you are always welcome to visit one of our stores to test it for yourself. Or request additional advice from our advisors via WhatsApp Live Chat (+32 479 05 65 99) before purchasing from our webshop.