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DIERS back scan

What is the DIERS back scan for?

With this 4D back scan, we can do a static (and dynamic) analysis of your entire spine and pelvis. This radiation-free scan allows us to quickly and accurately analyze your functional posture. Your back curvature, position of the pelvis (tilt and torsion), any functional scoliosis,… are measured with this.

How does it work?

We take several scans in quick succession and can quickly test the influence of a raise in your shoe, for example. You will be given immediate results that you can then discuss further with doctor, physical therapist or other medical specialist.

The results about your posture can also provide us with additional information about your (running) movement that we can link to one of our other analyses (shoe advice, orthotics, running posture, etc.). This way we can even more specifically try to remedy or prevent any injuries. If a structural leg length discrepancy is suspected, it can be measured precisely with the DEXA scanner.

How much does a DIERS back scan cost?

This scan is part of offered prolab packages as it is often the combination of different measurements that is going to tell you what you want to know. Pricing information on the packages can be found on the prolab page.

Is your interest piqued?

Then you can visit our Prolab in the Runners’ lab store in Zwijndrecht by appointment. Here you can read about all the possibilities in our Prolab. Contact us via WhatsApp Live Chat, by phone or by mail to schedule an appointment. Any questions? Then go through our FAQ section.


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How much does a DIERS back scan cost?

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