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Quintic video analysis

With biomechanical video analysis, we go a little further than the footscan® you know from in all Runners’ lab stores.

6 high-speed cameras record at 125 frames per second your entire movement synchronously from different angles. The images are analyzed with Quintic Biomechanics video software. We can play and view the video frame by frame. This allows us to provide immediate feedback on your movement/running posture to you, your trainer, coach,… to injury-free and/or performance sports.

What do you do for a Quintic gait analysis?

For this analysis, it is best to put on comfortable running clothes. Preferably short running shorts and shirt without or with short sleeves.

How do I book a Quintic gait analysis?

We offer this technology as part of a prolab analysis. Both in the “gait analysis” package where we emphasize foot stability, shoe and and soles and in the “gait posture” package where the focus is on mapping your complete gait posture, these video images are used.

Once you know which package is right for you, you can make an appointment online. If you are in doubt or would like to consult verbally, please contact

Is your interest piqued?

Then you can visit our Prolab in the Runners’ lab store in Zwijndrecht by appointment. Here you can read about all the possibilities in our Prolab. Contact us via WhatsApp Live Chat, by phone or by mail to schedule an appointment. Any questions? Then go through our FAQ section.


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