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Looking for the right running shoes but finding it hard to choose? At Runners’ lab, they are here for you with expert advice and an extensive selection.

Finding the perfect running shoes can be a challenging task. Each pair of shoes is different, with unique features and technologies that have a direct impact on your running experience. Fortunately, you can turn to Runners’ lab for this for more than 40 years. The Runners’ lab Experience Center in Deurne also gives you the chance to really experience how the shoes perform in a realistic environment.

New to the test wall

Nimbus 25: the focus on comfort

This version has a lot of modifications, and is hardly comparable to the other Nimbus models in terms of cushioning. Run like you have pillows under your feet with this 25th version from the collection. Just because it is SO different from previous versions, we put it in the test wall. Our advice? Never just buy a successor to your current shoe. The modifications in this update are so great that you are actually buying another shoe

Metaspeed Sky +: The focus on speed

This is the improved version of the Metaspeed Sky. Several improvements make it even more responsive than its predecessor. The carbon plate is closer to the foot, and in combination with the 4% extra foam in the forefoot it provides more energy return on every stride. In addition, the upper is thinner and therefore lighter which provides even more running comfort.

Test different surfaces

Whether you are a recreational runner or an experienced athlete, testing shoes outdoors on various surfaces will give you a better idea of their performance. Just a kilometer from the Runners’ lab store is the beautiful Rivierenhof. This green park with winding paths and a relaxed atmosphere is the ideal setting to really put your new shoes to the test.

If you are looking for shoes for faster work, there is also an athletic track available just 500 meters from the store. Here you can test the shoes for their speed. This will give you a clear picture of the responsiveness and thus the advantage of carbon shoes.

Your experience, complemented by professional advice:

One of the biggest advantages of the Runners’ lab Experience Center is that you can test multiple shoes outside. So you can do a short run on your own training shoes or test shoes from our wall and then put on a carbon shoe and immediately experience the difference. The goal is to find the perfect fit and functionality to suit your individual needs and running style. If you’re not sure which pair of shoes is best for you, the experts at Runners’ lab are always ready to help. They are happy to provide custom advice and answer all your questions.