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HOKA Mach 5 vs HOKA Bondi 8. The shoe that races through every turn vs the shoe that runs miles in comfort. The direct shoe vs the super soft shoe. Anyway, you get the principle. Who holds their own best in a direct duel?

The scenario

What is absolutely out of the question? Immediately revealing the punchline of the story. What will we do? immediately reveal the punchline of the story. Hold on:

Don’t underestimate anything or anyone. The perseverer always wins.

It is the conclusion of the widely known fable of the hare and the tortoise. At Runners’ lab, we created a completely new remake of this classic. The lead roles were for the HOKA Mach 5, which takes on the role of the hare, and the HOKA Bondi 8, which takes on the role of the turtle.

The HOKA casting

The newest HOKA Mach was cast because of his instinct to go all out. The energetic, featherweight material, his directness and insights from previous models made this role a perfect fit for him. The Mach 5 was born to be fast.

There was no doubt that the HOKA Bondi 8 was the perfect opponent for the Mach 5. The Bondi 8 is the epitome of comfort and softness. Along with its stable base, updated foam, perfect fit and curved sole for a smoother roll-off , the Bondi 8 has everything you need to put on lots of miles.

The race course

Which running shoe crossed the finish line first? The HOKA Mach 5 drew the favorites immediately after the starting gun. This tempo shoe immediately took the lead and did what it does best: set a controlled but fast pace. In no time, this tempo shoe had amassed a comfortable lead. The HOKA Bondi 8 was not impressed. He stayed true to his trademark and worked through the miles at a leisurely pace.

At no point did the Bondi 8 seem to show signs of fatigue. It all looked enviably comfortable . The Mach 5, on the other hand, seemed to have mishandled the long distance combined with the fast pace. And so the fastest of the duo decided to take a rest. Once we caught our breath from the spirited “hazing,” a shock of sorts followed for the Mach 5. In the distance, he saw the Bondi 8 galloping gracefully toward the finish line. The Mach 5 still squeezed out a burst of acceleration, but there was nothing left to do against the inexhaustible Bondi 8. With the tiniest of differences, the Bondi eventually made it from the Mach.

Moral of the story

Does the HOKA Bondi 8 trump the faster HOKA Mach 5? The answer is neither fact nor fable. Both shoes do exactly what they are made for. The Bondi 8 for quiet, long work, the Mach 5for faster tempo work. Moral of the story: don’t underestimate anything or anyone. Everyone has their own strengths and qualities. Above all, remember that the perseverer always wins.

The cast can be admired from now on in…

Get a glimpse of the protagonists? You can do so on the Runners’ lab webshop or make an appointment to meet them in our physical stores . Do you still have questions? Then do not hesitate to contact our advisors via the WhatsApp Live Chat at the number (+32 479 05 65 99).