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The coziest time of the year is coming. Nice! Until you realize that you still have a number of presents to shop and you have 0.0 inspiration…. We’ll help you getting started with some sporty gift ideas!

Something for everyone (budget)

Are you tied to a certain budget? That hits the spot! To make your search for the perfect gift easier, we have “coincidentally” categorized our products by price category. Looking for a small gift? Then you’re in the right place with our tips under €25. Can it be a little more? Even then, we will meet you. In our lists you will find a variety of products. From socks, to reading books, hiking poles and sports watches. You’ll find everything.

UNDER €100
FROM €100

A runner’s wish list

Not at home in the world of a runner? Don’t panic, we did a survey of our own advisors. They where enthousiast to shared their wish list.

Katrien, consultant and Olympic triathlete

At the top of my wish list is the New Balance’s Shutter Speed Jacket. Its super reflective properties make it ideal for exercising in the dark. In the past, I have given compression socks as a gift to my athletic father. His sensitive calves and Achilles tendon are still thanking me for it.

Jana, consultant and competitive triathlete

For me the Blackroll Fascia Gun please! It’s an easy way to keep my muscles flexible and do injury prevention. I confess, I don’t always have the motivation to actually do exercises. I myself have already pleased others with the Aftershokz Aeropex. Comfortable sports earphones that are traffic safe, wireless and ergonomic.

Heather, counselor and on the way back after injury

Now that it’s getting colder, a baselayer from Craft or Smartwool always comes in handy. These have never disappointed me. A tip I sometimes apply myself: give sports nutrition as an extra on top of a larger gift. A practical gift when you are not yet at the agreed budget.

Bram, consultant and soccer player

You always make me happy with nice socks. It remains a personal thing but Smartwool and Stance are my favorites by far. Smartwool for its quality and Stance for its cool prints. Not giving it away yet, but I purchased the Runners’ lab Blackroll Box as a gift. Avid athletes sometimes dare to forget the importance of injury prevention, and with this gift I want to encourage them to keep paying attention to it.

Jeremy, orientation runner

I confess, I lost my running belt. So a new one would definitely come in handy so I can easily take my phone with me when I run. I think the Runners’ coffee is a super nice thing to give as a gift, because who doesn’t like to drink a fresh cup?

With a gift card you always hit the mark

Still haven’t figured it out? You can never go wrong with a gift card. On our website, you can easily download a digital version for an amount of your choice. Add a personal message and you have the ideal gift bite! You can also pick up a printed copy in the store at any time. By the way, did you know that our own consultants are on the gift cards?

Additional motivation

We didn’t just reach out gift ideas here. We rolled out the red carpet for good intentions at the same time. By lavishing your friends, family or loved ones with running gadgets or clothing, they are going to have no choice but to actually put their good intentions into practice. A sportier and healthier 2022, that’s what we’re signing up for!