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An app that gets you running and walking, we can only be excited about that. And so we send you – with the HITTA app in your pocket – on a discovery tour of our stores. Need extra motivation? You have a chance to win a Smartwool prize!

(Re)discover the surroundings of our five stores on a run

A map on your smartphone, a route along one of our stores and various checkpoints waiting for you to be claimed, these are the ingredients of Runners’ lab x HITTA. You start and end at a Runners’ lab store. Because both in Zwijndrecht, Antwerp, Zaventem, Paal-Beringen and Ghent, a course has been mapped out in the HITTA app. The goal? With the app, search for all the checkpoints and claim them one by one. The order in which you make your way from one checkpoint to another is entirely up to you. How you do that – while walking, running or hopping – is also up to you. The routes are good for about 5 to 6 km of running, walking and searching fun.

The stakes? Smartwool prices.

Need some extra motivation to participate? Smartwool pulls you over the line. The clothing brand known for its merino wool socks and baselayers provides a nice prize pool in each Runners’ Lab store with one grand prize and nine other Smartwool items. We will raffle those among all participants after Feb. 6. The starting shot? That will be given on Jan. 31. Download the HITTA app, walk or run one of the five Runners’ lab routes between Jan. 31 and Feb. 6, and win one of the Smartwool prizes.

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HITTA what? HITTA how?

Discovering the world in a sporty way is what HITTA is all about. The brand new app gets you walking, running, biking or even skating with a map full of checkpoints. It’s up to you to find and claim them one by one with your smartphone. How does that work? The app checks your location and notifies you when you are close enough to a checkpoint to claim it. You can follow a mapped route or add your own route to your personal account. Have you collected one or more checkpoints? Then HITTA rewards your achievement with virtual points. An overall ranking and rankings by route keep things exciting and motivate you to keep going out.

Why we at Runners’ lab are fans of HITTA

At Runners’ lab, we are always up for a little competition. But we are even more excited about the fact that we get people moving. And that’s exactly what the HITTA app does. By awakening the competitive beast, sleuth and explorer in you. Because the app not only motivates you to (re)discover your surroundings, some routes also give you a piece of history. For example, the Walk of Fame trail tells you the story of the 1920 Olympics. There are currently 15 routes in Antwerp available on the app, but the range of routes, checkpoints and features is constantly expanding.