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Triumph. Also called achievement, success or victory. Also the term Saucony refers to with their Triumph running shoes. Is this term rightly linked to the shoe? Our Runners’ lab specialists tested it out with the 21st version of the model.

Performance on any workout?

The Saucony Triumph 21 is said to be meant to train yourself into the best version of yourself. But what kind of training do they mean? Our advisors put on their shoes for a variety of workouts: recovery runs, tempo workouts, intervals and endurance runs. Especially about the latter, enthusiasm was blazing.

“The saucony Triumph 21 is a very comfortable shoe with all the features a endurance runner needs. It provides sufficient strength and stability, yet is not too heavy. At the same time, it offers enough cushioning without feeling too soft. I certainly didn’t feel like I was sinking into it while running.”

“A top combination of comfort, firmness and responsiveness,” they said. That, in turn, makes the Triumph useful for tempo training.

Can a serving of hearty intervals also please you? This Triumph 21 doesn’t say no to that either.

“The shoe gives a good energy return, which you feel immediately when you push the pace. My interval training sessions with spirited paces I achieved smoothly with the Triumph 21 on my feet.”

Successful on any surface?

As a road runner, it goes without saying that this Triumph 21 delivers top performance on ordinary, paved asphalt roads. And nothing could be further from the truth. In the words of Niels – Runners’ lab advisor:

“This shoe is a top choice for asphalt eaters who can appreciate good cushioning. The outsole also proves its worth when it comes to durability. After almost 100 kilometers, there are still no signs of wear.”

If we believe the feedback from our Runners’ lab specialists, this Triumph 21 performs excellently on dry surfaces. Whether on asphalt, gravel roads or reasonably paved forest trails, the shoe knows its way around. And turns? The shoe sees no problem there either.

Victory on race day?

That this shoe is the ideal weapon of choice for your fast races, we’re not going to claim. Can he take you to victory on those races? Yes. Indeed, the Saucony Triumph 21 is the perfect training shoe that gets you ready to bring out the best of yourself on race day.

So the name of this shoe series is definitely justified in our opinion. The Saucony Triumph 21 can be used for any type of training – obviously based on what you find comfortable. Especially for endurance runs on asphalt, it is a go to running shoe that will be able to make a lot of kilometers. Success, achievement and victory? Definitely.

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