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The ideal running shoe for long, slow endurance runs. That’s how the adidas Adistar was introduced. Whether this new model meets expectations, we left it to the judgment of some of our clients and advisors. Read their conclusion here.

Adistar. For the long, slow run.

The Adistar does not meet the typical picture we are used to from adidas. Its unique, curved midsole combines a soft, comfortable foam with a firmer material. It should create good shock absorption, excellent stability and propulsive effect while running. Sounds nice. We investigated!

Our customers: “Run very smoothly with it”

About 200 customers applied to test adidas’ latest model, the Adistar, in the Runners’ lab Prolab. All 200 wanted to know if this running shoe for long(er) distances was right for them. We invited nine candidates to test the shoe. Conclusion? The shoe and the analysis at the Prolab were both received very positively.

“The analysis was very interesting. It taught me that my ankles tend to sag inward and that my hips are not straight. This could explain the pains I sometimes experience after running. I was given good tips to work with,” Daisy shared.

Stéphanie and Tom went on about the shoe. “The Adistar looks very nice, in all three colors. It also fits like a glove and the upper fits nicely around the foot. You feel the firmness of the heel immediately, and so does the overall stability. The curvature in the sole takes a little while getting used to at first if you are not familiar with this. In fact, the unrolling feels a little different, but after a few times you run with it very smoothly . Finishing a half marathon with this shoe is no problem at all in any case. I tested it myself.”

Philippe, Prolab manager: “Very stable endurance running shoe for wide audience”

Philippe, the man who supervised the entire day of testing, was pleasantly surprised by this new model. He particularly noticed how widely applicable the adidas Adistar is.

“A very diverse audience tested the Adistar, very informative! When trying them on, it immediately became clear that this model can be worn both with, and without, orthotics . The size of the shoes corresponds to normal sizing, although some customers with orthotics took a half size larger.”

“Although at first glance the shoe feels firm , especially at the heel, it runs surprisingly smoothly. Body weight is not such a factor. It is mainly the running style that comes into play. The rocker system, the flex in the forefoot that provides a smooth roll off, was experienced positively by all. This testing made clear to me once again that it is a very stable endurance running shoe suitable for neutral runners, to runners with slight overpronation.”

Our advisors: “Feels light on the foot with pleasant cushioning”

We gave our consultants some homework. We wanted to know from them how they experienced their runs with the Adistar. Three terms came back from all of them: stable, smooth roll-off, firm.

“Although this shoe does not exude it due to its thick sole, it feels light on the foot. The firmness of the heel and wide base provide plenty of stability. You immediately feel that your foot is fully supported . With the extra padded tongue and edge of the heel cap, the shoe fits nicely around the ankle. The cushioning is very pleasant and certainly not too soft. We can also appreciate the roll-off present in the forefoot. It facilitates the running motion, both for slow endurance runs and slightly smoother paces. Only the grip of the outsole seems to score slightly lower compared to other models from adidas. Like Philippe, we believe this is an ideal running shoe for different types of runners for (long) endurance runs. For real speed training, he lacks directness.”

Available at Runners’ lab

Want to know more about the adidas Adistar? Check it out at our webshop or contact our advisors via WhatsApp Live Chat (+32 479 05 65 99) for further questions. Would you like to test this model in one of our stores? Make sure to book an appointment and we will be happy to help you.