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The Cloudboom Echo 3 is the fastest carbon shoe ever made by ON. At least if we can believe ON. In this article, we play devil’s advocate for a moment. How truthful is this statement?

Swiss engineering‘ never disappoints. Think of the sharpness of a Swiss pocket knife, the precision of their watches and the very commendable attempts to match our Belgian chocolate.

So the Swiss brand ON knew where the bar was set. They included sharpness and precision in their latest version of the Cloudboom Echo. Beyond all the laws of physics and technological capabilities, they took into account, above all else, the input of real athletes .

The result? The ON Cloudboom Echo 3 is the fastest competition shoe they sent out into the world so far

Is the third-generation Cloudboom Echo really faster?

1. “The superfoam gives a superior energy return”

“The foam is a lot more responsive than in the previous model. You definitely get more energy out of it,” confirms #teamrunnerslab member Siebe. He is followed in this by counselor Lotte. “You really feel the propulsion forward. I effortlessly achieved paces that I otherwise perceive as tough.”

Claim 1: Confirmed.

2. “Carbon plate provides an explosive propulsion”

Siebe again nods affirmatively, “The carbon plate is a lot stiffer compared to previous versions. You experience a smooth roll-off. I also really like the stable forefoot. ”

“This carbon shoe also feels a lot more direct than several of its counterparts,” adds consultant Katrien. “Because the foam is less soft, it feels very stable , even on uneven surfaces and when taking turns. A test on the running strip confirmed my feelings. Even without my orthotics , I ran stably on both feet, which is rather exceptional for me.”

Claim 2: Confirmed again.

3. “Lightweight and an ingenious upper that provides breathability.”

Super light!”, is Siebe’s reply. “It’s like a sock on your feet. The upper is also very breathable. Even the sole allows moisture from sweat or supplies to pass through.”

Claim 3: Check.

4. “The sole and upper make sure your foot is secure and comfortable.”

“I can attest to that,” Siebe said. “The tongue is attached to the sole and keeps your foot securely in place. There is grip on the insole so you won’t slide. This is nice for triathletes who run barefoot and also want to get their shoes on quickly. The heel cap provides firmness without being too heavy. Unlike some shoes, it is very comfortable.”

Claim 4: Nothing to object to.

The test panel does like to offer an additional point of interest . “With orthotics combined with wide(er) feet, the fitcan feel tight. The fit is quite narrow at midfoot.”

5. “Lifetime of four marathons”

And with that, ON plays its cards remarkably open in terms of longevity. Admittedly, our consultants have not yet been able to put enough kilometers on this carbon shoe to confirm or disprove this, although it is common knowledge of carbon shoes that their lifespan is short.

ON has it right

It must be said, ON’s fastest carbon shoe is indeed the new ON Cloudboom Echo 3. Everything in this third-generation carbon shoe is made with speed in mind. This carbon shoe is ready to help you to personal super times on the marathon and other road races.

Curious about the ON Cloudboom Echo 3?

This super shoe will be available at Runners’ lab starting July 6. Visit one of our six stores or shop it online.

Any questions about this shoe? Do not hesitate to contact our WhatsApp Live Chat at the number (+32 479 05 65 99).

Did you know … there are also ON spikes?

ON is earning his reputation in the world of athletics. On the marathon and street circuit, but the last year also on the athletics track. Their Cloudspike 1500m and 10,000m are two spikes that deserve the label of“superspike. The Clouspikes are both equipped with the most advanced technologies. Think of that same superfoam as in the Cloudboom Echo 3. You can find them in our webshop and physical stores starting July 6.