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The marathon itself is only 1% of the achievement. The other 99% are the training sessions that precede them.

In preparation toward your marathon, you cover a lot of kilometers. As the big day approaches, you probably put on your running shoes more and more often. Want to keep your workouts challenging, avoid injuries and give your body that extra incentive to get faster? Then varying training is interesting. Alternating speeds will boost your performance and motivation.

What type of training do I add to my schedule?

We generally talk about three different workouts: endurance training, tempo training and interval training. Each type of training has its usefulness, and a combination of the three will make you a better runner.

It is wise to also adapt your shoes to the type of training. In fact, a running shoe varies in many ways: the degree of stability, support or cushioning. Depending on your running pattern, you choose a shoe that may or may not be supportive or stable. Depending on speed , shoes then differ in weight.

The key to successstays the same: choose what feels comfortable for you.

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Endurance running/long slow distance (LSD)

Why? LSD, also called Long Slow Distance, are the longer runs where you maintain a leisurely, comfortable pace. So you don’t train for speed and explosiveness, you train for endurance. Your body learns to use energy efficiently and your muscles get used to the longer load. The ideal habituation for a marathon distance.

Sample shoe: for endurance runs, the adidas Solarboost 5 is an excellent choice. When you’re on the road for a long time, your feet demand comfort. Let that be just the key factor in this shoe. The upper is also intentionally breathable, keeping your feet fresh even after countless miles.

Tempo Training

Why? The goal of tempo training is to run at a challenging, steady speed. It is the ideal workout to learn to feel your body properly and discover what pace is achievable for you. Leading up to the marathon, this type of training prepares you both physically and mentally to keep up the pace 42.2 kilometers.

Sample shoe: a suitable shoe for tempo training is the adidas Adizero Boston 12. The shoe is lightweight yet provides enough cushioning to cover even the longer distances without sore feet. To increase speed, carbon rods have been added.

Interval training

Why? In interval training, you alternate high and low speeds. During fast paces, your heart rate goes up, you get tired and feel acidification coming on. The slow paces are then meant to get your heart rate back down and your breathing under control. Intervals thus make you faster and boost your fitness.

Sample shoe: your weapon of choice for interval training may be the adidas Adizero Pro 3 – a responsive shoe that literally pushes you forward. Ideal for fast (track) trainings. Want to run your marathon at top speed? Even then, this shoe can provide relief.


Of course, we understand that you don’t want to invest in three (or more) pairs of shoes overnight. You don’t have to. Some models can be used for different speeds and workouts. The advisors at Runners’ lab will be happy to help you choose the appropriate running shoes. Visit one of our stores and try on your favorite models right away, or ask your questions via Live WhatsApp.

In short: provide different physical stimuli in your workouts. Alternate long slow distance runs, tempo workouts and intervals to keep your motivation and progression high. Moreover, the right shoe works wonders.

Do you have any other questions about your marathon preparation? Feel free to ask our Runners’ lab runners via social media. They are happy to share their experience and tips to guide you successfully to the marathon.