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Qualisys marker analysis

Discover the advanced technology of “motion caption” : the detailed capture of full body movements. With high-tech motion cameras, your running motion is imaged and analyzed in detail.

Using 12 high-speed cameras, the Qualisys running performance system records as many as 35 reflective markers on your body during your running motion. This automatic tracking system is used worldwide for runners of all levels to achieve better performance and fewer injuries and is unique in Belgium in this setup.

What clothes do I have to wear for a Qualisys marker analysis?

For this analysis, bring running clothes with as little reflection as possible. For men, only shorts or tight and for women, also a sports top or sports bra.

How do I book a Qualisys marker analysis?

We offer this technology as part of the “running posture” package. Together with a back scan, measuring your leg length (discrepancy?) and the video footage we take, this detailed analysis gives a complete picture of your running posture.

Once you know which package is right for you, you can make an appointment online. If you are in doubt or would like to consult verbally, please contact

Is your interest piqued?

Then you can visit our Prolab in the Runners’ lab store in Zwijndrecht by appointment. Here you can read about all the possibilities in our Prolab. Contact us via WhatsApp Live Chat, by phone or by mail to schedule an appointment. Any questions? Then go through our FAQ section.


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