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Active walking. We do it, no doubt you do too. But are you doing it with the right shoes? That remains to be seen.

Walking, we all do it

Summer may be on its last legs, but hiking is something we do all year round. Whether during a city trip, during a day strolling down the shopping street or while walking the dog. We walk more than we think. We just name it differently. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it with the right shoes. After all, how happy are you when you get to take off your shoes after a day of shopping?

Rather sore feet than the typical brown, leather hiking boots? The fashionista in us understands. The advisor in us looks for a solution. And there is! Meet the shoes you didn’t know you needed.

Turning to active walking shoes

“We are betting on
active walking shoes
“, reveals purchasing manager Eddy. “These are hiking boots derived from trail or running shoes. They offer more comfort, look fresher and are a lot lighter than the heavy, typical hiking boots.

With active walking shoes, we are creating a revolution. But really, it is logic itself. These shoes have everything you need for city-tripping, day-tripping or clearing your head on a virtuous walk.

“As long as you don’t seek the high mountains, you’re actually better off with active walking shoes. Because the shoes are running-oriented, they offer more cushioning to backs and knees.”

“At Runners’ lab, we recently expanded our offerings to include more water-resistant active walking shoes. We used to barely have high shoes. You can now find those again with us as well. These so-called “Mid” shoes protect against puddles, tall grass and provide more strength and stability. The latter is especially important when hiking with a heavy backpack. For some, it can also be a psychological support,” Eddy says.

Runners’ lab supports you

And we do that on several fronts. For example, giving you countless reasons to get out of that seat, firing off at least as many arguments at you as to why hiking is so good, or sprinkling around all kinds of tips on how to make hiking (even) more fun. Are you in need of this? If so, be sure to follow our social media. Already we reveal one tip: download the HITTA app. Runners’ lab contributed to the development of this app because we believe it gets you moving. By looking for different checkpoints, you playfully work through your walk or run. Do you find it difficult to get out the door on your own? Then participate on 23.10 in the HOKA walking event we are co-hosting.