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The longest, toughest workouts are behind you. The healthy stress is starting to bubble up and that one red circle in your agenda is getting very close now. That only means one thing: it’s marathon time….

But what should do you bring to your marathon? Beside running shoes and clothing, it’s best to put a little more in your race bag. A checklist next to you while packing would be easy, right? Imagine being at the start line without your favorite music, compression sleeves or other essentials to get you across the finish line. With our marathon checklist , you won’t overlook anything.

Training versus competition

During workouts, it’s all obvious: you step out the door in your comfortable running outfit, music in your ears and possibly sleeves or a cap. A marathon or race call for extra attention.

The big difference is in the displacement. You don’t start running from your front door, but have to make quite a trip toward the starting line. You’ll probably stop by the storage area for your bag first, then endure those nerve-wracking minutes in the starting box. Your body cools down quickly. Therefore, consider an extra sweater, jacket or long pants for the starting area. Sleeves can also provide the solution. You easily put those down if it gets too hot while running.

Tip: Bring old running clothes to keep you warm. At the start you can leave them behind. In many cases, the clothes left behind are collected and donated to charity.

Another point of interest is your start number. If you picked it up beforehand, don’t forget to bring it with you. If you pick it up locally, have your ID card handy. Also consider safety pins or a race belt to pin the number on.

Comfortable at the finish line

When you finish your training at home, you probably jump right into a hot shower. That is usually not possible after the marathon. Because your body cools down quickly after running, you could use an extra layer of clothing . A towel is also handy to freshen yourself up a bit at the finish line. Also remember that recovering is important. Therefore, consider a recovery shake or bar.

My valise for a foreign marathon

Of course, you can also go a step further – literally – and run a marathon abroad. In addition to all the essentials for the marathon itself, you have to consider everything that happens before and after. For example, your usual breakfast or high-carb dinner. That way you can be sure to replenish your energy reserves to the fullest, because who knows, maybe they don’t know your favorite oatmeal, pancakes or granola abroad….

To have a pleasant trip home, a recovery device is not a luxury. A foam roller, massage gun or massage stick will please your muscles.

And then there are those factors beyond your control: the weather, for example. Since you’ll probably be leaving a few days in advance, it’s not a bad idea to be prepared for any weather condition . A rain jacket, long tight or a buff may seem unnecessary now, but you never know what the weather gods have in store for you.

Packed with a checklist at hand? Then you are ready to be rewarded for the hard work of the past few months. Let’s go and run a marathon!

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