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Imagine: recovering faster after a hard workout, without having to make an effort. Is it magic? Or is it the OOFOS recovery slippers?

Heavy, long efforts ask a lot of your joints. Especially your feet and ankles get a lot of abuse in the process. Resting, incorporating proper nutrition and stretching can alleviate stiffness. Do you really want to go all the way in your recovery? Then complement your shoe wardrobe with a pair of OOFOS recovery slippers. Your feet will thank you.

No slipper like another

A slipper like any other? OOFOS certainly isn’t. Recovery slippers are specially designed to – you can guess it – allow you to recover optimally.

You will immediately notice the blissful comfort on your feet. Liable for this? The soft material and contoured footbed.

The soft material provides good cushioning to ease your joints. Not only your feet, but also the knees, ankles and lower back.

The contoured footbed cushions your arch to provide optimal foot support. This puts and keeps the tired foot in a neutral position.

You either know it or you don’t, but the more oxygen that goes to the muscles and joints, the faster they recover. Slippers therefore stimulate circulation by preventing blood vessels from constricting.

Moreover, the open character is very deliberately chosen. This way, swollen feet have more room to relax and are not trapped in the shoe.

Why recovery slippers should not be missing from your race bag

We can give a very straightforward answer to that: the OOfoam® technology takes stress away from your muscles, and so does pain. Instead of fatigue, pain and tightness, you experience a recharged and relaxed feeling.

Want to get your muscles ready for your competition? Wear OOFOS. Want your muscles to recover optimally after competition? Wear OOFOS. Just want a comfortable slipper on your feet? Wear OOFOS.

No matter why and when you wear recovery slippers, rest assured that they will serve you well.

In short: when it comes to injury prevention, OOFOS slippers are the ideal footwear.

Runners’ lab’s mission is to keep every runner injury-free. So OOFOS recovery slippers fit nicely into the picture of this injury prevention. At Runners’ lab you will find different models and colors. Be sure to come try them on in one of our stores, or order your pair online through our webshop.