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At Runners’ lab, we see hundreds of walking and running shoes pass every year. So whether we still get excited when a new model arrives? Absolutely! Recently, we even added a completely new brand: LOWA!

Wisdom comes with age, they sometimes say. This year LOWA turns 100 years old, and through these years the brand accumulated a lot of experience in walking. So this iconic brand in hiking knows better than anyone else what you need as a hiker.

Now, in 2023, we at Runners’ lab are introducing the LOWA Fortux: the ideal alternative to the heavy, well-known hiking boots. Why? We’ll tell you about that below!

Firm and rigid, with the comfort you expect

You assume from an active walking shoe that it is comfortable, so you can walk full of comfort. It goes without saying here that a soft shoe is better for your body and feet. However, traditional heavy boots are still often chosen for hiking. Makes sense, because they last a long time and protect your feet from hard surfaces or stones. But comfortable? We can’t really call them that.

The LOWA Fortux combines the best of both worlds. A sturdy hiking shoe that can handle long distances on different terrains, with adequate cushioning with every step.

The answer to feeling safe

Do you already like to discover unknown places for a sporty hike? Then chances are you will have to face different (challenging) surfaces.

Nothing the LOWA Fortux can’t handle! The excellent studs and rubber on the bottom – they call this combination the LOWA Trac Ultra outsole – provide a firm grip on varied surfaces, wet or dry.

With this, the shoe provides the answer to the demand for a secure and firm grip on uneven or wet surfaces. All with minimum weight and maximum comfort.

Shoe with durable upper

We are also enthousiastic about the upper, as it is so designed to make the shoe durable. The Reptex Sport technology contributes greatly to this. It makes the upper resistant to sharp and rough objects, preventing damage to the shoe.

In turn, the shoe’s tongue provides breathability to keep your feet fresh in warm temperatures.

Another unique feature of this upper: it consists of one piece. No unnecessary seams or pressure points that can irritate during your long walks.

In short: this LOWA Fortux offers everything a good hiking shoe should fulfill. Come check it out and try it on in one of our Runners’ lab stores, where our advisors can tell you all about active walking shoes.