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Push your limits with a customized running schedule or personal coaching.

Customized running schedules

The demand for running schedules is high. It makes sense, too, because with a personalized, customized running schedule, you’ll reach your goals even faster. At Keep on Running, you’ll find running schedules for every level.

Do you need a running schedule for 5 km, or rather a running schedule for the 10 miles? Or are you working toward your(first) marathon? With Keep on Running’s training schedules and personal coaching, you’ll easily work toward your goals.


Personal coaching

Have you already followed a personal schedule, and now want something that can offer you even more of a challenge? Or maybe you need a push to persevere toward your goals? Then Keep on Running offers the solution.

With our coaching package, you not only enjoy the amazing sport of running. You will also be optimally prepared for your goals and stay injury-free.

Do you choose a schedule from our personal coach? You get a lot in return:

  • One lactate test + intake interview
  • Three-month training schedule, fully personalized
  • Permanent remote coaching, with weekly updates
  • Two live workshops incl. supervised training
  • Use of TrainingPeaks
  • Formatting your personal race plan

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Keep on Running: the largest running community in Belgium

Since 2008, the Keep on Running community has had a specific goal: to keep people running. The members all share the same passion: running. The platform aims to keep you informed about events, but also to continue to motivate and inspire runners.

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