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The Saucony Ultra Ridge GTX takes hiking to a new level and offers a nice alternative to traditional hiking boots. With a raised model, this shoe offers an optimal blend of comfort and functionality.
Comfort that lasts

One aspect that is critical with hiking boots is comfort. The Saucony Ultra Ridge GTX guarantees exceptional comfort thanks to features such as the luxuriously padded tongue and the use of lightweight materials. This keeps your foot comfortable and supported even during the most challenging trips.

All-terrain versatility

The versatility of the Saucony Ultra Ridge GTX is evident on a variety of surfaces, ranging from soft sand and forest trails to rugged rocky environments. Whether you choose a leisurely walk in the woods or a daring trail run, this shoe offers unparalleled grip and stability. This will allow you to realize your hiking plans with complete confidence.

Dry feet in any weather

There is nothing more annoying than walking around with wet feet during a hike, especially when you are traversing muddy paths or have to cross streams. Fortunately, the Saucony Ultra Ridge GTX offers the innovative Gore-Tex technology, keeping your feet dry even during water passages. This water-repellent top layer makes the shoe perfect for adventures in wet conditions and gives you the freedom to fully enjoy nature without worry. Moreover, the breathability of Gore-Tex keeps your feet from overheating, contributing to a comfortable hiking experience.

Our consultants summerize the shoe in one sentence:

“The perfect balance of comfort, water-repellent protection and excellent grip makes this shoe indispensable for all your hiking trips.”