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If we can already talk about version 39, then you know that the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus has earned its stripes. There is no shortage of praise for this model. Do they also apply to the latest version? Some runners took the test.

Successful with the general public

We can quietly call the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus ancient. Especially with the arrival of version 39. No other model in our range has lasted this long. There are clearly no signs of old age ailments yet. This model continues to do amazingly well year after year, both with the general public and top athletes. By the way, did you know that the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus is the regular training shoe of none other than Bashir Abdi?

With two Zoom Air Units, one in the heel and one in the forefoot, a striking change has already been made. The previous version had one Air Unit. In addition, the React Foam is fully extended in the latest pair, the weight of the shoe went down, as did the height of the sole. Finally, the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus once again invokes the Flywire system for a more comfortably enclosed feel around the instep.

Can the new Nike Pegasus charm our runners?

The innovations all sound good. But surely the key question is how does that translate into practice? To judge that, we invited 12 runners to our Prolab for an in-depth analysis with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39. Using high-tech equipment, not only the movement of the foot was imaged. The whole body posture was analyzed. What was the conclusion? For several testers, the shoe fit like a glove. We approached some of them about their experiences.

“Once started at number 20”

“I’ve worn out quite a few Nike Pegasus models,” Els told us. “I once started with a number in the 20. As a fan of this model, I was very curious about how the updated version would sit. Conclusion: it still sits perfectly. You really do feel a difference because of the double Zoom air units. Even lighter and even more like walking on a cloud”, she concluded.

“Broader base gave me confidence that stability improved”

Yana also ran with the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus in the past, but then made a switch to another shoe. “Due to an injury I switched to another brand last year, but the loss to my familiar model was great. Hence, I wanted to participate in the test event. What struck me immediately was the wider base in the new version. This gave me confidence that the stability of the shoe would be better. And indeed, the images confirmed my suspicions. Meanwhile, the new Pegasus already guided me to a new PR on the 20 km of Brussels!”

“Soft cushioning and responsiveness are two big pluses.”

For Olivier , it was a first introduction to this model. “The Pegasus 39 is totally different from my previous running shoes. And yet, I find it a very pleasant training shoe. The soft cushioning on landing and responsiveness are two big pluses for me. I find it a very good training shoe for both novice runners, as well as the more trained.”

Prolab gives more insight into walking posture

In addition to the shoe, the extended(er) analysis in the Prolab was also very well received by the 12 runners. Regardless of the level of the testers, everyone went home with a wealth of information about their running posture.

“Actually, an analysis at the Prolab is an added value for any beginning runner,” it sounded afterwards. “In the store, the analysis is logically more limited so only the movement of the foot is imaged. In the Prolab we also looked at walking posture and style. By gaining more insight into this and being aware of your posture, you know your own pitfalls. This makes it easier to prevent any injuries.”

Available at Runners’ lab

Eager to discover if the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39 is something for you? Then make an appointment in one of our stores soon or discover this shoe online. Do you still have questions? Then do not hesitate to contact our advisors via WhatsApp Live Chat at the number (+32 479 05 65 99). More interested in the Prolab? Even then, our advisors will be happy to help you. You can also take a look for yourself via the button below.