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Stability or comfort, which would you choose? New Balance could not answer this dilemma either. Therefore, the brand wanted to develop a shoe that combines the two features. Whether they actually succeeded in this, we tested.

This model was not just made between other things. Thorough thought was given to the structure, composition and construction of the shoe. Thus, the brand wanted to create at a running shoe that is both stable and cushioned. And the revolutionary technology in the midsole can take care of that.

A new look at stability and functionality

Attention! You better keep your attention there now, because we are revealing the secret recipe of the midsole. The technology is the basis for the comfort and stability of this shoe, making them unique in their field.

Two cushioning FreshFoam layers are used for comfort – an upper layer that is slightly softer, and a lower layer.

In between is an EVA film that serves as reinforcement and thus stability. This reinforcement runs the entire length of the foot, so the support does not stop at the midfoot (which is the case with many other shoes). Thus, you also experience support in your forefoot. To go into additional detail, the EVA is slightly angled so that the foot is supported medially.

Putting it to the test

We thought that was worth testing in our own prolab. We therefore let “our” Philippe do his thing and test the shoe extensively on the running track.

“What is immediately noticeable from the footscan is that the pressure in my forefoot is strongly absorbed medially. With other shoes I often insert a sole, but that is not necessary with this New Balance Vongo v6.”

Effect of the firming, supportive EVA: check!

“The shoe rolls off smoothly and doesn’t feel too stiff. The cushioning is present, but it’s certainly not like you sink into it completely.”

FreshFoam cushioning: check!

“I might add that the shoe fits tightly around my feet. The heel cap does come slightly lower than I am used to, but that was anything but distracting.”

Successful in its intent?

If you ask us: yes. This New Balance Fresh Foam X Vongo v6 takes stability to a new level with its innovative technology in the midsole. Add the pleasant cushioning and modern design, and you’re off for a comfortable workout in a beautiful shoe.

Find out more about this innovative New Balance model in our webshop. Wondering how this shoe will fit your feet? Come test them on the running lane in one of our Runners’ lab stores.