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A good running shoe will help you get through any workout or race injury-free. A good running shoe will also ensure that you get the most out of your workout or race. A typical training shoe often fails to do the latter. What is the solution?

With the advent of carbon shoes – and all the hype around them – the modal runner now knows two types of running shoes. The other models remain more under the radar, but are no less relevant for that reason. Yes, even for the runner who does not see himself as a running god.

“Give runners a race feeling on fast training runs”

That’s why we’re introducing you to the tempo shoe. Tempo shoes are generally a lot lighter and more responsive than a typical training shoe. They are also sturdier, more stable and comfortable than a pure competition shoe. You can think of them as training shoes bulging with high-performance technologies that make them easy to speed.

More racing machine than before

An example of a tempo shoe is the new adidas Adizero Boston, say version 12. “Give runners a race feeling on fast training runs,” is the philosophy behind this striking running shoe. The adidas Adizero Boston 12 rolls off smoothly and gives you that welcome push forward. Just what you need to get acquainted with your race pace or clean out your particulate filter during tempo training .

This model is not new, but renewed. With more superfoam, EnergyRods 2.0 that extend into the heel for the first time and an extra injection softness the adidas Adizero Boston had a solid upgrade. Despite these improvements, it is not yet a Formula One car, but it is more racing machine than before.

Get on races in this fast sports car

Now we are going to confuse – nothing is black and white – so follow well.

We already mentioned that a tempo shoe serves to support you in your tempo or interval training. Yet for some, this type of shoe can function perfectly as a competition shoe.

How? Not every runner has the physique and running ability to get everything out of a carbon shoe. With this intermediate model, you do not need to have a lightning-fast pace or a running technique that can handle the narrow base of carbon shoes.

Equal effort and yet you run faster

So would you rather not invest in a carbon shoe that comes with a higher price tag ? But do you want a taste of sports car speed ? Then a running shoe like the adidas Adizero Boston 12 is the ideal competition shoe. This fast, lightweight and responsive shoe will work for you (read: make you run faster than ever without any extra effort from you).

An extra pair of running shoes is (more) inexpensive

Having a lighter pair of running shoes not only helps you perform better at fast workouts or races. It is also advantageous toward injuries and longevity of your running shoes.

By running with the same shoes every time, you always stress your body the same way. Occasionally running with a different pair of running shoescan reduce the stress on your muscles and joints . A second pair of running shoes is also more economical in the long run. You give your running shoes more time to recover after a run, making them last longer.

Discover tempo shoes like the adidas Adizero Boston 12 at Runners’ lab

The adidas Adizero Boston 12 is one of the newcomers to our range and a perfect example of a lightweight tempo shoe. This updated model is now available at Runners’ lab. So would you like to experience the lightness, responsiveness, soft cushioning and smooth roll-off for yourself? Visit our stores in Antwerp, Ghent, Rumst, Paal-Beringen, Zaventem or Zwijndrecht or order it online in the webshop.

Any questions about this or other models? Contact the WhatsApp Live Chat (+32 479 05 65 99).