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Everything you need for running or walking

Comfortable shoes in various support categories and all the complementary products that help you get the most out of your sport.


Shop the shoe that fits your running or gait pattern. This is different for everyone.
As a running store, we have an extensive and exclusive range of quality products. Find your own way in the webshop or let experienced advisors guide you in your search.
Running shoes

Neutral, stable neutral, supported, stable supported, light training shoe or technical competition shoe, spikes … we have it all. Stop by for a gait analysis so you know what you need.

Active walking shoes

The contemporary alternative to traditional hiking boots. Our active walking shoes combine comfort and suppleness with sturdiness for comfortable walks. You can find several models also in a water-repellent version.

Spikes (athletics)

As an internationally recognized track & field specialist, you can count on Runners’ lab for the most extensive spike offering in the Benelux. With special spikes for every discipline, we help recreational and professional athletes.


Runners’ lab selects the highest quality and most inspiring running apparel of the moment. Regularly you will find new outfits that will help you comfortably and worry-free through your trainings and competitions.

At Runners’ lab you will find running clothes for women, men and kids. We dress you from head to toe so you can withstand any type of weather.

Sports bras

The importance of a good sports bra cannot be overstated. It is possibly even more important than a good running shoe since insufficient support can lead to irreparable damage to the body.


The right socks make a world of difference. You have to experience it to believe it, any runner or walker with quality socks will confirm it. Explore the wide assortment.

Injury prevention & orthotics

Know yourself and your body to avoid injury.
Injury prevention

Foam rollers in different shapes and sizes and massage guns in different categories will help you stay injury-free in sports along with the right training habits.


Good shoes cannot fix every problem. Therefore, orthotics can also be expertly measured and made by our experts.

The details

And even those who want just that little bit more can visit Runners’ lab.

Common running accessories such as drinking systems and electronics, as well as specific equipment such as gaiters and trail sticks can be found at Runners’ lab


Before, during or after your exercise, the intake of the right nutrients is important to feel good and fit. Explore the sports nutrition offerings.

Gift cart

Get rid of gift stress. With the Runners’ lab gift card, you can give someone the push toward injury-free exercise.

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